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Patient Testimonials

Dr. Brandt is an awesome Endodontist that really cares about his patients. I was referred by my oral surgeon and dentist who worked with Dr. Brandt to complete a root canal which we thought was the root of my infection. Even when the root canal turned out to be uninvolved with my infection, Dr. Brandt was honest with me and still worked with my oral surgeon to see to my oral health care. His office staff went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure I was comfortable and well taken care of. Their professionalism made my anxiety with dentists easier to bare. They are a great professional office to work with for oral issues. Thank you!

September 21, 2016

I cannot say enough about you and your staff! My procedure was a bit more complex but you did a wonderful job. Your main concern was my comfort and doing the best job possible. Thanks so much!


After Dr. Brandt completed my root canal, I went into the office of my general dentist who referred me to tell them what an AMAZING EXPERIENCE I had at Dr. Brandt's office!!  The staff is great, and Dr. Brandt was so thorough and calming throughout the whole process.  Who would have thought a root canal would be a GOOD experience?!  Thank you, Dr. B and staff!  No pain and feeling great...

Avis, 11/1/2012

Thanks again for all your work, best root canal ever! You and your staff are fantastic!!

Liz, 8/8/2012

The care AND concern of all of your meant/means a great deal to me; your team has been fantastic!  You are all so kind and thoughtful.  Thanks so much.

Linda, 8/2/2012

What tremendous skill and bedside manner Dr. Brandt has... I had a very positive experience and would refer my closest friends and family to him.

Larry, 7/1/2012

One of the most pleasant experiences I've ever had at a dental office.

Stan, 6/20/2012

Dr. Brandt is a miracle worker!

Suzanne, 12/20/2011

I want to thank Dr. Brandt and his staff for their care through a very uncomfortable tooth 'ordeal'.  I appreciated their professionalism and patience.  The team made several follow-up phone calls after the procedure was completed and I had a very good experience in their office.

Sandy, 8/12/2011

After having a bad experience with a root canal two years ago, I was absolutely terrified to attempt another one. This morning, Dr. Brandt, did the necessary root canal.....What a difference in the entire process! Words cannot express how caring, skilled, and empathic Dr. Brandt was!!!! I feel great!!! Will never be afraid to have another procedure with Dr. Brandt! I highly recommend him to any needing a root canal.......what a wonderful, skilled specialist and caring human being! A ++++ Outstanding and Awesome job! signed, A Retired Teacher who knows quality when she sees it!! :)

Sandra Walleman

Dr. B just wanted to thank you for the great experience. I appreciate how you took your time and let me know everything that was going on. You are truly amazing at what you do! Thanks again

Chad Fox

1001 Laurence Avenue, Suite A
Jackson,, MI 49202